Marie Smith


Marie auditioned as a backup vocalist for La Familia de la Calle, and she was hired on the spot. She is now gracing Farouche with her velvety voice and technical sophistication, be sure to catch her at our next show!

Chris Salem

Drums and Percussion

Chris Salem is an in-demand set player in jazz and rock, and he also moonlights as a timbalero in our Salsa band, La Familia de la Calle

Josh Brahinsky

Bass, Band Leader

Josh and Lex have been playing jazz together for over a decade. They are thrilled to be playing in a new group with some fresh new players from the Santa Cruz area. Be sure to catch Josh's Afro-Cuban dance-band, La Familia de la Calle.

Everett Moody

Sax and Clarinet

The latest addition to the Farouche and Friends family is Everett Moody. Be sure to catch this local prodigy at our next gig.

Lex Olsen


Lex is the last original member of the group, as founding members Don Diaz and Alen Cileli have both moved on to better and brighter things. He, Chris, Marie, and Josh all play with La Familia de la Calle. 

Former members and affiliates

Don Dias - Accordion

Alen Cileli - Violin

Kendra McKinley


Kendra is a musical force of nature. We were fortunate to work with her for many years before you struck out on her own to S.F., where she is currently in the process of global domination. 

Evan Williams - Drums